Photographs (from left to right): Sarah Fosco Photography; Kathryn Kim Photography; Surfin' Birds Photography

My love of travel put a camera in my hands, and I am a photographer because of it.

I started traveling when I was young thanks to my wonderful Nana. Trips to the Caribbean, Florence, Venice, and Barcelona were documented with a point and shoot camera. I saved plane tickets and candy wrappers from our travels. These and other bits and bobs were pasted into a ruled notebook alongside photographs, and that was my childhood diary. As I grew up, I grew more obsessed with travel. I toted a camera across Europe twice as I blogged about studying abroad in Aix-en-Provence, and then London. I continued to write when I moved to Vail, creating an online diary complete with sunset photos and self-timed portraits of my boyfriend and I exploring the Rockies. I photographed and wrote with a simple motivation: to share with far-away family, to remember adventures, and to document my experiences for others who would follow in my footsteps.


I STILL refer to that old blog for a favorite carrot cake recipe from my flatmate in London, or Gioia's tiramisu. I look through photos from a 2010 backpacking trip with my boyfriend, who was just my best friend when we traveled from Paris to Amsterdam to Germany. I didn't realize as I was creating it just how much I would come to cherish this visual diary. All I knew was that I needed to know how to take better photographs to tell better stories. To that end I headed back to France, to Toulouse, to hone my craft for two weeks in 2014. I never looked back. I left a career opening small businesses in the fashion industry for weddings. Which brings us to now.


I’m Dylan. I am an Irish-Italian East Coast native from just outside Philadelphia. I’m an oldest child and a Pisces, if that matters to you. I love oceans and yoga and my boyfriend Marc. I eat and drink the best food I can get my hands on, from oysters to homemade bread (I’m working on my sourdough starter as we speak). I’m a horrible dancer who loves dance floors, and I’m hoping you’ll ask me to meet at a brewery for your photography consultation. 


If you’re on my website, you’ve seen my style of photography. My approach is modern, my editing is classic. I want the final images to look like a real memory - faithfully edited to recall what that day was like but better, with the same glow that nostalgia infuses our memories with. I want the experience to be fun and I like to reassure you and offer direction and I like to be silly with you. I strive to be aware of when to be more hands on, and when to back off. When posing I aim to flatter and I won’t just tell you how to pose - I’ll show you. With a modern practicality and a timeless edit, my photography will pass through generations without becoming dated or marked by trendiness.


Ultimately I’m someone who wakes up every day in a place they never thought they’d be. If you told me when I graduated college that I’d travel internationally for work, I would have hoped you were right. If you told me I would photograph one of the most significant experiences in our lives, I would have been awe struck. If you told me I would edit from home with a cat in my lap, I would have known for a fact you were lying (I always preferred dogs until I met my Humane Society boys Han and Tywin). Yet here I am. Thank YOU for potentially being someone who will keep this going on my life. Because it’s a short, but wondrously beautiful, life. Take the picture.

Dylan's work has been published in Boulder Lifestyle Magazine as well as online in Couture Colorado, 100 Layer Cake, Luxe Mountain Weddings, Borrowed & Blue, and more. Contact below for more information.


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