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Photographs (from left to right): Dylan Crossley Photo; Surfin' Birds Photography; Sarah Fosco Photography

I’m Dylan. I live in Boulder, Colorado with my husband. We grew up outside of Philadelphia and moved to Colorado to climb (him) and follow the love of my life (me). I’m an oldest child and a Pisces, if that matters to you. Heck, maybe that's why I ended up a self-employed creative. I love to read and hike and create art. I eat and drink the best food I can get my hands on, from oysters to homemade bread. I’m a horrible dancer who loves dance floors, and I’m hoping you’ll ask me to meet at a brewery for your photography consultation. 


I specialize in wedding photography. My approach is modern, my editing is classic. I want the final images to look like a real memory: faithfully edited to recall what the day was like but better, with the same glow that nostalgia infuses our memories with. I want the experience to be fun and I like to reassure you and offer direction and I like to be silly with you. I strive to be aware of when to be more hands on, and when to back off. When posing I aim to flatter and I won’t just tell you how to pose - I’ll show you. My photography will pass through generations without becoming dated or marked by trendiness. I value Authenticity, Inclusivity, Simplicity, and Adventure. I want to be your photographer. 


If you're hooked already, jump on down to my contact form, or send me an email at If you want to learn more before deciding, here's a few facts about me:


I'm a morning person. Not only that, but humble brag: I switched to decaf three years ago. I walk to a local cafe most mornings for a decaf americano in my reusable mug.

Who else is obsessed with their cats? My husband has described me as combination of a helicopter parent and a crazy cat lady when it comes to my Humane Society boys Han and Tywin. It's a hell of a 180 because when Marc and I met in high school, I couldn't stand cats. Now they have their own highlight on my Instagram stories. 

I'm certified to teach yoga. I trained up in Boulder after practicing for 17 years.

If you want to get me talking, casually mention stretching and how good it feels... and I'll be off. 

Travel, travel, travel. I started traveling internationally when I was young, studied abroad twice in college, and learned photography at a monastery in France. Whenever my bank account allows it (and even when it doesn't) I'm booking flights. If I wasn't a photographer I'd be a travel agent.

Not your typical Coloradan. I didn't do a "hike" until I was 20 years old, and I just bought my first pair of hiking boots last year. Despite being a late bloomer, I love hiking and crush a fourteener or two every summer. I love the state I now call home - and I'd love to share it with you. 

Dylan's work has been published in Boulder Lifestyle Magazine as well as online in Rocky Mountain Bride, Luxe Mountain Weddings. Couture Colorado, Catalyst Wed & 100 Layer Cake.

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