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Lost Gulch Overlook at Sunrise

This morning I grabbed a latte at Spruce Confections (my favorite early morning treat) and headed up Flagstaff Mountain to Lost Gulch Overlook. If you haven't been, here's what you do: Take Baseline Road west until you pass Chautauqua. The road will start to wind up into the mountains - up Flagstaff Mountain, that is. Approximately 4 miles into the drive you will see the parking area for Lost Gulch on your right (just a little way past Realization Point). You'll know you've gone too far if you enter a residential area. Once there, you park and scramble up the rocks shown below to achieve a killer view of the Continental Divide.

I always take my family here for the view (those with motion sickness, beware) and if you're recently engaged I encourage you to browse engagement photos at Lost Gulch Overlook - this location never disappoints!

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