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Cara & Taylor's Breckenridge Engagement

We started at their home with a glass of white wine for Cara and a tumbler of whiskey on ice for Taylor. He told me the story of his proposal in their loft with a fake ring. A very large, very pink fake ring. I can believe that Cara's reaction was priceless! Luckily there was a bottle of champagne and a gorgeous (and very real) diamond engagement ring hidden nearby. I was immediately charmed by their easygoing personalities, their comfortable home, and their playful way of interacting with one another. Their chemistry wasn't the giddy new-love type that I see at engagement sessions so frequently. The kind that pretends it doesn't fart, that maybe hasn't seen your ugly cry. It was old-love. Old-love is the kind of love that is well-worn and fits you perfectly. It's the kind that allows you to be exactly who you are, offering security and freedom and endless secret smiles when you meet each other's eye and see forever mirrored there.

After a little time spent chatting - and introducing me to their four cats! - we hopped into our cars to drive to Boreas Pass via Baldy Road. There was a storm in the distance and the breeze was turning into a strong wind. You can see that the sky was a moody grey. Cara and Taylor pulled off the road as we passed a field of wildflowers and hopped out of the car to ask me if it would be good for photos. Umm.... YEAH! Photographers certainly don't hate wildflowers and a bit of wind in the hair, okay? That's the stuff our mountain engagement session dreams are made of. The rain was imminent as we reached Boreas Pass. The cuddles in their final photos are very real, for warmth. But that's just what you get sometimes in the mountains during the summer. The fact that Cara and Taylor took this shift in weather in their stride was a testament to the strength of their relationship. I love these two!

The date they chose for their engagement session was special because it was exactly one year before they get married at the Lodge at Breckenridge. I can't wait for their wedding. I'm especially excited for the chance to work with Ebs of Distinctive Mountain Events again. She rocked Julie & Tyler's Keystone Ranch wedding with her calm, positive, and organized presence. Ebs wrote a great blog post about getting married in the rain after that day ;) Keep following the blog and my Instagram for more photos of there two next summer!

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