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Anna & Eric's Stanley Hotel Wedding

Can you imagine wearing a gown from the 1940s to your wedding? Anna's satin wedding dress had been preserved for 70 years, ever since her grandmother's wedding. I have to say, it photographed beautifully. As she slipped into the gown, donned her veils (a short vintage veil and a new cathedral veil) and buttoned her forearms into lace gauntlets, I was in awe of how perfectly preserved the dress was - and how it fit Anna like a glove. As her father mentioned in his toast, Anna was the last of the 9 grandchildren to get married, and this dress was clearly meant for her.

Throughout her childhood, Anna's family vacationed in Estes Park, making this Rocky Mountain town the perfect backdrop for her wedding to Eric. Anna and Eric flew in from Southern California for their wedding (where they own the Los Angeles Lash Academy in Santa Monica). Eric's mother made the trip from Brazil, where Eric grew up. I liked Anna & Eric instantly when we met. I was intimidated at first. Here I was standing in front of a super attractive couple with gauges and tattoos who live in Joshua Tree but run a business in L.A. - they sound to cool to be real, right? But Anna's midwestern kindness and Eric's relaxed, sunny personality put me at ease. Their obvious and affectionate love was such a joy to be around.

After meeting Anna, Eric, and their 40 guests at the Bristlecone Inn rehearsal dinner, the wedding day had finally arrived. It's hard to know what you'll get in mid-April in Colorado, especially above 7,500 feet. Snow? Rain? Sun? Wind? Anything could happen.

The sun was shining as Anna and her Brazilian beau Eric got ready in Presidential Cottage, with the bride upstairs and the groom downstairs. As soon as we were ready for their first look, it started to rain. Luckily the Stanley Hotel has a beautiful interior. We chose the landing of the grand stairway next to a large window for their first moment together. Those photographs are some of my favorite of the entire day. After, we used their reception space for family portraits. Everyone had their fingers crossed that the rain would pass, and it finally did. Not only that: the sun came out in full force.

Guests in sunglasses made their way to the Longs Peak Lawn where champagne was waiting. The ceremony was gorgeous, with laughs/tears and a healthy amount of mountain views. As the newlywed walked away from the ceremony site post-recessional, Anna could not stop saying "you're my hubby!"

I had a little surprise for Anna and Eric on their wedding day. In addition to photographing their wedding, I was switching my camera back and forth from photo to video. I had been practicing filming weddings and wanted to test my skills. I could not have done it without the hard work, unbelievable talent, and complete cooperation of my second photographer Sarah. With her help, I felt confident switching to video at some key moments of the day, and I was able to make the video below.

In it you'll see everything described above as well as the first dances and an epic bride & sister dance/karaoke to Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." I am so proud of my 2019 videos, so I'll invite you to check out more examples of my wedding films, and let me know what you think of Anna & Eric's film in the comments!

Florist | Brigitte, Floral Design of Europe

DJ | Chris Cockroft, Tip Top Music Entertainment

Invitation Suite | Ephemera

Videographer | Dylan Crossley Photo

Second Photographer | Sarah Fosco Photography


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