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The Real Food Dietitians Blog Photography

Jessica and Stacie of the Real Food RDs are food bloggers on a mission. As registered dietitians (hence the 'RDs') these two power players create wholesome, nourishing recipes that are designed to fuel your body. The way you eat can affect everything from energy levels to mood, skin health to quality of sleep. With the Real Food RD's recipes for clean eating, their 14,000 Instagram followers and blog subscribers

are cooking and baking their way to optimal health. And so am I! Being hired to photograph new head shots and lifestyle images for their blog revamp was more challenging than it looks. How does one convey two separate personalities, joined in a single endeavor? Jessica and Stacie are clearly not just collaborators, but friends, and each woman adds something distinct to Real Food that they wanted to show on their About page. I had an amazingly fun time in Lyons with these two and I think the results are vibrant, playful, and true to life. Enjoy - and head over to The Real Food RDs today for your next meal!

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