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Kris & James' South Mesa Trail Couples Session

Kris and James are dear friends of mine, and for that reason I couldn't resist sharing photos of their couples photo session. Before you ask how is this different than an engagement session? let me tell you! Couples sessions are great for solid duos who want to remember this stage of their lives together - maybe you've been dating for 5 or 10 years, maybe you own your home together, or maybe you are parents to a couple of rowdy pups! In many ways, you feel married, but you aren't there yet in life. My boyfriend and I are there now, and we have done 2 couples sessions just for fun, for memories, and most importantly - to display in our home and share with friends and family. Love is love, and it needs to be celebrated. You don't NEED a milestone like marriage or engagement to do this, and that is why I love and believe in couples sessions. Genuine chemistry, genuine laughs, and genuinely beautiful photographs.

You are going to smile when you see these. You won't be able to help it! Kris and James were laughing so much - and making me laugh so hard that it was hard to hold the camera steady. I know that it shows in these photographs. Enjoy! (And PS - Kris's outfit is entirely sourced from her fashion truck and new Boulder boutique Arrow Wood!)

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