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Allison & Shawn's Lost Gulch Engagement

Allison and Shawn's engagement was "three weeks new" (as they hilariously put it) when we met on Flagstaff Mountain for this session. I loved working with them. Stepping in front of the camera as a couple can be intimidating at first - luckily Allison and Shawn have a great sense of humor and awesome chemistry, and the result was a laughter-filled engagement session.

Lost Gulch Overlook at sunset is breathtaking, and accordingly, the outcrop were getting busy around 4pm. Instead of scrambling to a spot on the rocks we walked to the side of the road, where the pale pink gravel and the sunlight filtering through the trees was perfect. We had our privacy, we had our laughs, and in my opinion, we now have photos that are just as gorgeous as the Rockies on the horizon. Congratulations again, Allison and Shawn!

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