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Kelley & Dave's Lost Gulch Engagement

I have to admit, I fall in love a little bit every time I edit. I get to relive a fun session - remembering exactly why you were laughing in a photo nearly always makes me laugh as I edit! - and I get to admire the color of eyes, the beauty of fingers laced together, the perfect shape of a smile. It sounds silly, but I genuinely feel this way, and all of my clients are beautiful. If you worry about a photographer zooming in to retouch a photo, there's no need. We are never judging, but marveling at how perfectly we are all made.

Kelley and Dave are Boulderites like me who drove up on Flagstaff for an engagement session at Lost Gulch. When you see these photos, you'll see their connection instantly. Their love smolders, it protects them, and at the same time it draws people to them - because who wouldn't want to be that happy, too? And once again, I found myself falling in love with their photos while editing - the way they look at each other, and the beauty of the light and landscape. I feel so fortunate to do what I do! Ok, enough of this hokey intro, here's the photos:

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