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Krissa & Noah's Lionsgate Engagement

I hadn't even known Krissa and Noah for 5 minutes when a bird pooped on Krissa. I had placed them into a casual pose to start things off - I chose a lens that allowed me to be farther away, and told them to face each other and enter their couple bubble for a few minutes. I was manipulating my camera with the photographer's single minded focus (settings, composition, lighting...) when these two ERUPTED IN LAUGHTER. I had no idea what was going on until Krissa showed me her hand. Not her ring hand - her other hand. And it had a blob of slick bird caca between the 1st and 2nd finger.

Their reaction to this was absolute perfection. I joined in the hilarity. We couldn't calm down immediately - the situation was too funny. The setting was picturesque, it was early morning and the birds were chirping away. A fine fog hovered over the grass. We commented that it was like a fairy tale. And a moment later, splat. I knew from their reaction that we were going to be friends. In addition to being super kind when my car battery died and I arrived 10 minutes late, they were cracking up over poop! This is the kind of couple you hope you will see through their wedding day. After 6 years together, Krissa and Noah are ready to go there. To marriage land. And they will go hand in hand, full of love and laughter, able to handle any situation.

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