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Details from a Halloween-Themed Wedding

Katie and Nick's October wedding at the Wedgewood on Boulder Creek had a spooky sweet theme: Halloween. With three children who were clearly excited about their decision, Katie and Nick tossed away wedding norms and invited guests to play along with their themed wedding. On the morning of October 29th, their sons morphed into a deadly SWAT team and their teenage daughter transformed into Alice in Wonderland.

The fun began when Batman strode down the aisle, cape flapping in the wind (was it even windy that day, or does Batman's cape billow and rise of its own accord?). The guests ranged from fantastic to enchanting to odd, with beloved characters like Mr. Monopoly seated next to Ninja Turtles, vikings, queens, storm troopers, and wizards. The floral design was darkly beautiful, with an abundance of red roses, gilded leaves, and black and green plants that coiled and jutted from the bouquets.

Katie's wedding dress was appliquéd with red and pink flowers that gathered thickly at the bodice before trailing down to the hem. Guests learned their table assignments with the help of several rows of heirloom pumpkin seed packets exhorting them to "Please be seeded." Their white wedding cake was adorned with pale pink roses, but was then covered with blood-red spiderwebs (appropriately in the shape of a heart) and unzipped to reveal a dripping chocolate interior.

Crystal chandeliers, an abundance of Vista Point wine and an overflowing candy bar completed the lavish scene. It has to be said, love is a treat. Congratulations again to the newly married Katie and Nick.

A big thank you to Libbie Holmes Photography for inviting me to work as second photographer on this incredible day.

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