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Emily & Rudy's Winter Engagement Session

Sunset is magic at any time of year, in any place on earth. It's a natural phenomenon that reminds us all not to take that day for granted. In Boulder during the winter, a strange things happens when the sun begins its descent begins the mountains. The temperatures drop and the winds pick up, as if protesting the loss of the sunlight we cherish so much in Colorado. On this particular mid-January day the weather shocked us by rocketing from 55 degrees and sunny with no breeze to a bone-chilling 30 degrees with gale-force winds. I'm exaggerating, but not by much. Luckily, the dramatic change in weather didn't stop us from taking some very joy-filled engagement photos for two of my closest friends.

Emily & Rudy have all my respect for buying their first Boulder home while planning a July wedding at the Lyons Farmette - AND all the while, traveling to Hawaii, adventuring with their (90 pound!) golden doodle, climbing in the Colorado mountains, and tackling their newest hobby: spinning handmade wares on the pottery wheel. All of the pieces of their life together are fitting seamlessly into place, and they deserve nothing less! I can't wait to attend their wedding this summer to watch my boyfriend perform his best man duties and, yes, to eat ALL of the food truck pizza for dinner.

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