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Warm, Playful Anniversary Session at Boulder Reservoir

If this is what celebrating 8 years of marriage looks like, I wish more couples made this a must-do in their lives! Tiffany and Travis met me at the Boulder Reservoir just before sunset in February. The weather was unusually warm and they popped a bottle of champagne to toast their life together. This did not feel like a winter session to me! Such is the magical unpredictability of Boulder weather. What I loved about this dog-friendly trail was the variety of locations that were crying out to be used, from tunnels of trees to long rustic fences to the expanse of water that is the Boulder Reservoir. Every location had an incredible panoramic view of the mountains. Their majesty was reduced to a hazy silhouette by the low hanging sun that afternoon. The reservoir trail is one of my favorite Boulder locations for engagement and wedding portrait sessions - along with the Flatirons Vista Trail, the South Mesa Trail, Lost Gulch Overlook, and of course, Chautauqua Park!

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