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Kat & Ben's Havre de Grace Lighthouse Engagement

When I met Kat and Ben at the Alpine Modern coffee shop in Boulder last winter we spent nearly an hour talking about topics completely unrelated to weddings. As often as I tried to steer the conversation towards their 2019 nuptials, we kept drifting to other things we had in common. I knew we were destined to be friends.

What did we talk about? How about the fact that they have hiked more of Colorado's fourteeners than me (or most of my friends who live here)! I shared my sister's shoulder surgery story - a plate and 10 screws in her proximal humorous - which was fresh in my mind in January. According to Ben, her surgeon is something of a celebrity in his field, and we bonded over my sister's x-rays. Luckily, we also eventually discussed their Breckenridge wedding, and they knew I was the photographer for them.

Fast forward from January to May, and the three of us found ourselves at the Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace, Maryland. This total gem was one of Kat's finds as she searched near their home in Baltimore. Before their session, they went rock climbing and then to dinner. If you want my advice on how to make your engagement session fun and relaxed, treat it as an all-day date! Do your favorite things, have a nice dinner and a glass of wine, and then chase the last light of the day with your photogrpaher - just like Kat & Ben. We ran along the pier, posed in the golden sunset light and went for ice cream afterwards. At the ice cream parlor I learned that they plan to hike Mount Kilimanjaro for their honeymoon, and heard more EPIC Colorado adventure stories.

My impression of Kat and Ben is this: they are an adventurous, driven and frequently silly couple who truly are up for anything. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, whether it's at work or as they prepare for a difficult hike or climb. They are warm, gracious, generous with their laughs, and exceptionally easy to spend time with. From the snowy streets of Boulder to the sun-drenched coast of Maryland and, eventually, to the golden mountains of Breckenridge in fall - this is one relationship I look forward to witnessing over time. And now, the photographs!

Sunset Havre de Grace Pier
Nautical American Engagement
Havre de Grace John O'Neill
Concord Point Lighthouse Engagement
Day Trip from Baltimore Engagement
Concord Point Lighthouse Engagement
Colonial American Beach Engagement
Waterfront Engagement Maryland
Havre de Grace Pier Couple Photos

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