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Winter Chautauqua Park Engagement Session // Boulder, CO

It was a crisp, clear November morning when Emily & Matt left their house in Denver in the pitch black darkness. The goal? Starbucks. The next goal? Witness an epic sunrise at the Boulder flatirons. I would say it was a wild success. When we arrived at 6:45am the air was frigid. The parking lot was empty. The promise of a perfect pink sunrise was just visible on the horizon to the east. I was so thankful for the day's weather report. Not only was it the warmest day of the week, but it was expected to be overcast the next morning (which would have meant NO sunrise)!

Emily and Matt braved the cold to play in the frozen landscape at Chautauqua Park. There was skipping, snuggling under blankets, and bubbly to warm them. These two had described themselves to me as total goofs who liked street festivals and going to breweries. Their amazing sense of humor really came through as they found out that the age-old secret to staying warm in the snow with bare legs was belly laughs and LOTS of cuddling.

When we wrapped the shoot around 8am, we hugged and piled into our cars. They were on to Saturday brunch with friends downtown to warm up with a mimosa. I was headed home to warm up in bed with my fiancé, who followed his instructions perfectly and slept in, keeping the bed warm and cozy for me until I got home. A long nap (with one fiancé and two cats) later, I finally looked through these images. They were so stunning straight out of the camera that I didn't even want to edit them. If this shoot doesn't make the case for sunrise engagement sessions, I don't know what does.

Chautauqua Flatirons Winter Engagement Photos
Boulder Flatirons Sunrise Engagement Photos
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Chautauqua Park Sunrise Engagement Photos
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Chautauqua Boulder on a November Morning
Chautauqu Park Winter Engagement Photos
Chautauqua Boulder Winter Engagement Photos
Chautauqua Park Morning Engagement Photos
Chautauqua Boulder Morning Engagement Photos

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