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Hello from Quarantine

Welcome to my street during quarantine!

I live in downtown Boulder. Each day I walk one block to the park, one block through the park, 1 block to the right, and back home. Six blocks. Ten minutes. Twice a day.

Well, friends, needless to say this has gotten old. I take the walk for granted now. But recently, we got a bunch of fluffy snow. Far more than the 1-3 inches that were forecast. I decided to make the old feel new by bringing my camera. Since then, Boulder has set a new record for most snowfall in a year - the most snow since 1908. Can you believe it?

Here are some images from my walk. Holding my camera in my hands, I thought about all of the couples I was meant to serve this March/April/May/June. My work and my business are my life, and my couples are the heart and soul of that life. I miss them. I thought about all of my 2020 couples. Katie & Walker, Heather & Joe, Jordie & Bobby, Kathlene & Collin, Stephanie & Elliott, Brittany & Dante, Allie & Zach, Lindsey & Denys, Kate & Spencer, Mikinsie & Dustin, Meredith & Dan, Rose & Dillion, Jasmine & Kegon, Emily & Matthew, Sarah & Jason, Karlee & Kyle, Angie & Phil, Meaghan & Derrick, Jake & Maili, Emily & Trey.

At this point, I still have the opportunity to serve them all in the best way I know how: with my camera. Saving their memories for them to revisit later. Whether it's postponing an engagement session or a wedding, streamlining the guest list, or something else... we all still want to get married and we will find a way. Yes, I am included in that! My wedding on July 26th is up in the air. My fiance Marc and I had invited 190 people (including kids) to our wedding in Philadelphia. Who knows what will happen, and I am monitoring the situation for myself as well as my couples.

I love you all. I want to document your love. And we will. Stay safe!


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