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Phil & Angie's Boulder Sunrise Engagement Session

Phil & Angie got engaged on a cruise to Cozumel and I know what you're thinking: "Ugh, they sound boring." And you would be right. When we met at the Rembrandt Yard Boulder Wedding Showcase in January we had a boring conversation. I was super bored when they won my giveaway - a free engagement session. Their sunrise session was filled with boring things like elk creeping up to us, alpenglow on the flatirons, a shot of Fireball, a bespoke "Til Death Do Us Part" jean jacket from Etsy, dancing to the Beatles, and most boring of all, loads of deep belly laughs from Angie because Phil was clowning pretty hard to get our energy up before 6am.

By now I think you've realized that Phil and Angie are not boring. Not even a little bit, not even at all. What they are is lively, silly music lovers who are ready for fun and very much in love. Oh and they drive a pretty rad teal Jeep which had to make an appearance in the photos (you're welcome, Phil).

This was my first sunrise session in Boulder and it felt amazing to cross that off my bucket list. The light is completely different from golden hour and sunset. Rather than being backlit and hazy, the mountains have every nook and cranny filled with pinkish gold sunrise light. They are shown in perfect detail as the sun rises from the top of the mountains to the golden fields below. Contact me to schedule your sunrise session at Chautauqua!


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