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Desert Sunset Anniversary Session // Taos, NM

Golden Hour Taos Mountain View Engagement Session

I heard that New Mexico was called the "Land of Enchantment" and thought to myself, "Mighty full of ourselves, aren't we, New Mexico?"

And then I went to Taos and thought, "No, wait, seriously guys... New Mexico is the land of enchantment."

It's funny this didn't occur to me during my road trip to Santa Fe last February. I have to say, it was probably being in a big city that prevented me from soaking in the amazing sunsets of New Mexico. Luckily for me, I got to experience all the best parts of Taos on my second trip to New Mexico while staying with my friend Megan of Hazel & Lace - Taos is as close to a home base as it gets for this wanderer, and Megan is a native! The sunset on this particular night is what made me believe in the magic of Taos.

Sue and Dan met me near the Rio Grande River Gorge on an August evening for anniversary photos. After years living on the road in a converted school bus they chose to settle in Taos. Somewhere in there they had a small, intimate wedding - however, it was a wedding without many photos taken! For that reason, it was a joy to be able to give them images of themselves together in the place where they chose to make their home post-van life. Watching them meditate high above the river with their mala beads as the line of sunlight on the far side of the gorge lowered slowly was an incredibly peaceful experience. There was no one around for miles (or so it seemed)! We also had tons of laughs as Dan lifted Sue up in every way possible to close the gap on their height difference. The smiles are so genuine it's impossible not to smile back as you scroll through! Keep an eye out on your way for matching tattoos, and if you want to know more about these two check out their business: Live Lightly Wellness.

As for me? I am 100% sold on the magic of this place: the Land of Enchantment. The sunsets, the clear view of the stars, the hot springs, and especially the people - I cannot wait to travel back again. Contact me if you are planning a Taos wedding or engagement and I'll be there in a heartbeat - aka 5 hours since that's how long it takes to drive there from Boulder ;)

Golden Hour Taos Desert Engagement Session
Golden Hour Taos New Mexico Engagement Session
Golden Hour New Mexico Engagement Session in Taos
Golden Hour in New Mexico for Anniversary Photo Session
Taos New Mexico Sunset Engagement Session Photography
Taos Engagement Photography
Taos Desert Engagement Session
August Engagement Session in Taos New Mexico
August Engagement Session in Taos


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