Heather & Kyle's Wedgewood Boulder Fall Wedding

I swear, one day I was a total tomboy and the next, I had three pairs of pink pants. I can't account for the zero to sixty change in my wardrobe and my growing love of manicures... but if you are anything like my (new) self, then you are going to die for these wedding details.

The feminine decor from this September wedding at the Wedgewood on Boulder Creek are some of my favorites from 2019. The white, gold and pale pink color scheme photographed beautifully beneath the white tent and chandeliers at the Wedgewood. Luckily for me, on this day I was the second photographer at this wedding. This means I was working for my dear friend Libbie of Libbie Holmes Photography, a preferred vendor at the Boulder Wedgewood. This was lucky because it meant that I was the photographer who got to capture the reception decor while Libbie focused on Heather and Kyle before the ceremony. In real world terms, this meant I had 10 minutes alone in this STUNNING tent to freak out over all the beautiful details.

If you're not sure what a "second photographer" does, check out out my FAQ page for more information. I'll also give a little more detail here:

Essentially, Libbie Holmes Photography was hired by the couple. They wanted two photographers, and because Libbie and I are both self-employed, she invited me to work for her for the day as the second photographer. Since 2015, I have worked with Libbie dozens and dozens of times, more frequently at the Wedgewood. When I need a second photographer for one of my couples, I frequently hire her for the day in return.

A second photographer captures different moments than the lead photographer during the day.

- Getting Ready: Lead Photographer photographs one of you, Second Photographer photographs the other. For this reason, I often capture the groom & groomsmen as a second photographer while the Lead focuses on the bride.

- First Look: Lead and Second both capture this moment from different angles.

- Ceremony: Lead and Second both capture this moment from different angles.

- Cocktail Hour: Lead takes family portraits, Second helps coordinate family groups and/or captures reception decor and guests at cocktail hour.

- Romantic Portraits: Lead and Second both capture portraits from different angles. Lead poses the couple while the Second moves around to get creative angles.

- Reception: Lead and Second both capture toasts, first dances, cake cutting, and the dance floor from different angles. In addition to capturing the important moments alongside the Lead, when I work as a second photographer I also act as an assistant when needed and offer a perspective on the wedding day that is unique and complementary to the Lead Photographer. For more of Libbie's take on this wedding day, check our her blog!

Getting Ready Venue | St. Julien Hotel

Ceremony and Reception Venue | Wedgewood on Boulder Creek

Florist | Painted Primrose

Hair & Make-Up | Wedlocks

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