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Ashley & Jeff's Fairytale Chateaux Wedding

Ashley and Jeff's April 1st wedding at the Chateaux at Fox Meadows was a fairytale complete with white roses, floating candles, a ballet dancing bride, and even a tiara. The trees around the property were in full bloom, showcasing branches heavy with pale pink and vibrant magenta flowers. Ashley and Jeff's photos were destined to be gorgeous. With only one small 'spring shower' the weather cooperated beautifully. Jeff was anxious to see Ashley before the ceremony, and they opted for a first look. I'm so glad they did because we photographed my favorite couples portraits of the day before the guests arrived, and everyone was more relaxed and ready to smile - or heck, break into a big laugh - during the ceremony. Even I was in fits of laughter over their vows, which recounted favorite silly memories before delving into heartfelt promises. Congratulations, Ashley and Jeff!

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