Mission Statement


I'm a big believer in documenting whatever phase of life you're in.

I believe you don't need rings or vows to celebrate your commitment.

I think photography (and being photographed) should be fun.


My fiance and I were celebrating our seventh anniversary when he proposed. We had already done two portrait sessions before an "engagement session." Those photographs hang above our fireplace, sit framed on our side table, litter our instagram, and, frankly, are saved on our parent's phones.  They're memories, and good ones.

There are no rules about photo sessions, there is no right or wrong time to do them, and you don't need a reason. Other than love, of course. Which is actually a very good reason.


What is you? Do you wake up early to hike for sunrise together? Do you sit in the same seats at the movie theater every time? Do you like to rent a boat and crack beers on the lake? There's your photo shoot idea right there. 


My friends in Pennsylvania hired a photographer together with three other couples in their neighborhood. They are all best friends who hang out non-stop. There were eight people with four dogs going on a massive group dog walk. The photographer took portraits of the group, and each couple alone and with their dog. I think that is the coolest idea ever and probably my calling. 


Bottom line? Let's get this conversation started, share some memories, and make some killer photographs. 



+ engagement session

+ special occasion

+ anniversary

+ just because

+ post-elopement



Includes: 90 minute session, minimum of 75 images, full print release & online gallery.

Your portrait session should feel like the best. date. ever.

(AKA the key to being "photogenic.")


Rushing out the door yelling "did you feed the dogs?" before stressing in traffic has never yielded good photographs. For anyone. I don't care if you're Will Smith and Jada Pinkett -

no happiness, no romance, no good photos. Which is why I tell my couples to do something you love before your session, and plan a nice dinner after. Somewhere in the middle, you'll create new memories or relive favorite past times. You'll be feeling the love and your photos will be awesome because happiness is photogenic. 

And you'll have a pro there finding your best angles.


So, picture your perfect day.

Then write me a message and tell me about it.


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