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Brit & Phil's Kenosha Pass Engagement

On a dark and rainy Sunday towards the end of September Brit & Phil drove out to Kenosha Pass to meet me for engagement photos. It was bitter cold with a terrible weather forecast but we decided to take a chance for the peak fall foliage that weekend. Those bright yellow aspens arrive so suddenly and leave so quickly at this time of year!

They arrived with a bottle of whisky and a great attitude. The sky opened up just moments before we arrived to allow sun and blue skies to peek through. Despite temperatures in the low 40s (!!) Brit rocked a white silk mini-dress and suede pumps. I pulled out all of the stops and threw these two into the closest, cuddliest, and warmest poses I could conjure up. Brit & Phil loved the idea of shooting at Kenosha Pass - a favorite mountain biking destination for them. This weather was nothing compared to the time Phil started a mountain bike trail in the sun and finished in a snow storm ;)

We shared stories and sips of top shelf whiskey for 45 minutes before the sky began to darken again. I learned about Phil's proposal (in their bathroom with the sincere question: Do you want to make breakfast together for the rest of our lives?) and friends we had in common (John & Mackenzie, and the rad lady who introduced us - Katie!). The drops of rain falling on our windshields as we drove away only made me smile - we had maybe the only perfect weather window all weekend at Kenosha Pass! Fortune favors the bold.

I've got my love to keep me warm.

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